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Roebic Septic Tank K-37

Roebic Septic tank K37

Reduces bad odors and improve the operation of the septic tank with patented micro-organisms.

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Roebic K-37 for a healty, smell free septic tank.

Problems with the septic tank often lead to clogging, bad odor and more maintenance. Roebic K37 contains patented bacteria which are very effective in restoring the natural balance in the septic tank. Roebic K-37 is best used in systems which receive both grey water (kitchen etc.) and black water (from the toilet). Systems with black water only are best treated with Roebic K-47

How to use Roebic K-37 

1. Shake well! 

2. Use one 946 ml bottle per 1500 liter holding capacity of the septic tank per year. 

3. Roebic K-37 is easily dosed in the toilet. 

Additional information on Roebic K-37

Roebic K-37 is a 100% biologidegreadable and non-harmful product. 

Dosing Roebic K37 after the yearly maintenance of the septic tank works very well for preventing bad odors.

Best results are achieved with the use of biological cleaning agents for toiltet and household. 

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